Why Coaching Spa?


      I believe that people are meant to live a happy life. Even as a child I believed it and happiness became one of my top three lifetime goals. I also believe we can have that happy life if we learn how to get out of our own way.

      We get in our own way?  Why would we ever do that?  Not sure if there is an answer to that other than we are simply human. I do it and my clients do it too. That brings us to the beauty of coaching.

   Coaching helps us stop and look at ourselves. Using coaching techniques, we see what we are doing and learn how to get out of our own way. It seems very simple, however, it isn't simple when we are caught in the middle of our own stuff. Fortunately, there is a path out and coaching helps us find that path and stay on it as we journey through life. 







"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."  ~Richard Buckminster Fuller

Why a Spa?

Isn't it supposed to be hard work to get what we want?


     Hard work is relative. I prefer to take Confucius' approach: choosing work you love means you will never work a day in your life. Yes, being coached to your highest dreams can mean hard work. When work is meaningful and helps you achieve something important to you, it ceases to be drudgery. I believe, and maybe you do too, that drudgery is the only work that is really hard work.

     Coaching takes the drudgery out of your work because coaching is all about you...what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Once that is clear, it can become a rather enjoyable process, especially when we simplify the hard work. Is your perception ready to go there? In the end you will feel renewed, reinvigorated and ready to live a fuller life. Isn't that similar to what you go to a spa for?

     We are told that we must work very hard to achieve our goals. That often gets interpreted as working long hours, making sacrifices and having discipline. Now there is some merit there and there are times we will experience one or more of those precursers to our goals. However, I believe that our society has placed too much emphasis on them resulting in over-stressed, unbalanced lives and also an over-stressed and unbalanced society. In the more than 10 years I have been coaching, I have had to pull clients back more often than push them forward. In fact, many clients couldn't move forward until, they took a step back, relaxed and looked at their life now and what they wanted it to be like. Then suddenly they took off like a rocket and achieved great things.




     Whether you want to renew and reinvigorate your career, your health, your business or your personal life, I invite you to meet me at the spa.

"I'm kicking ass and it's all because of you, Jan!" ~ Chloe W, FL

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Why the Butterfly?


     When I began training to become a life coach I learned what 'core values' are and why they are so very important to us. What a surprise! I discovered that I had been living my core values or striving to live them most of my life. However, at that particular time in my life, my values had eluded me. It was through coaching that I was able to "get them back" and begin living life happy again...yes, values and goals are very much related. And when you know your values and honor them, it's much easier to attain your goals.

     You know that happiness was and remains one of my top goals. My #1 core value is freedom. Freedom or the need for it can show up in our lives in many different ways. For some of us it may be stronger than for others. But it's always there...just like that ultimate symbol of freedom - the butterfly.

     Early in my coaching career as I was struggling to build my coaching identity, my butterfly showed up. I don't remember what my coach said that day, but suddenly it became very clear.

    Freedom was very important to me, I had regained my freedom and the butterfly (papillon) was the perfect symbol for my coaching business. I knew immediately the color, the shape and the positioning of the butterfly I wanted to use. It's color represents the ocean and the sky, both vast expanses for anyone desiring freedom. The butterfly's shape appears to be taking off in flight. The direction of it's flight is definitely upward and outward which is exactly where coaching takes us.

"Just living is not enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." ~ Hans Christian Anderson


Meet Me at the Coaching Spa!


     What's missing in your life? A special goal? An important value? Something else? If you would like to discover how coaching can help you get it...or get it back again, I invite you to come to the Coaching Spa. You'll find several options to choose from - personal private coaching, group coaching, classes...or perhaps you'd like to start in the Serenity Room where you are free to de-stress, meditate or simply enjoy the photos as a break in your busy day. I look forward to meeting you soon.