A New Weigh To Play!


Weather you want to lose just 5 lbs or 105, you will discover how taking small steps will lead to successful, permanent weight loss.
What's important to you? Do you want to:
    Have More Energy       Feel Better       Look Great in Your Clothes
Join Jan at the Coaching Spa and "diet" will no longer mean the pain of denial and deprivation.
It will resume it's original meaning of
"how you eat" to live a healthy, productive life.
You really can enjoy your new healthy lifestyle like Vicki did after losing 90 lbs,
reversing diabetes, renewing a great relationship with her husband and
quitting her 35-year smoking habit all within one year.
Oh yes, her two daughters also quick smoking because of what she did.
Now That is the Power of Coaching!
"The insight I have gained into myself is priceless. 
Coach Jan guided me into setting myself up for success 
and I'm forever thankful for that." ~ Vicki, Manager, TX
"A good, functional and healthy body
is the Ultimate fashion statement."
~ Kiyokazu Washida, fashion critic

I'm Ready to live at my Healthiest Weight!


I will...


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