25 Years of Experience



What Jan's clients are saying...


•  "I'm kicking ass and it's all because of you, Jan!"


•  "You have given me the tools...I feel that I have a new beginning."


•  "I came away from our session feeling empowered...the guilt I had been            feeling...gone and ended, transformed by your kind and gentle words.                Thank  you!"


Tired of life being overly complicated...
With a natural love for life Jan Barosh is indeed a rare find in today's world.
She has a way of revealing the BIG picture, simplifying the details and helping you to focus on what really matters most.
Your life doesn't have to be overly complicated.
What works for YOU is all that matters...
As a former sports coach, Jan is sensitive to her clients' starting points,
knows how to guide them to their own "edge" and supports them in creating
their own unique "parachute" before they leap.
Helping YOU find personal freedom...
A creative thinker, Jan has designed several coaching programs that help her clients live a happier, more fulfilling life. She is also a speaker and writer who is passionate about helping people live...
• a balanced life in harmony with their own values
• a life of personal freedom
"The Privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -- Joseph Campbell
When you work with Jan, you can expect:
RESPECT, which means that you feel confident in what you're doing,
valued for who you are and that you truly make a difference.
Do you want to feel like a champion?
PROVOCATIVE QUESTIONS which means your thinking is challenged
so you can achieve at a higher level.
Do you want more out of life?
COMPASSIONATE SUPPORT which means you will more quickly get beyond
any roadblocks in your life.
Do you want to get unstuck?
REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS which means you can, in fact,
get into action on the way to reaching your goals.
Do you want your life to work better?
"Life is pure adventure and the quicker we realize that, the sooner
we will be able to treat life as art." -- Maya Angelou
Mom's common sense...
• She attributes her common sense to her mom.
• Her understanding and insight to extensive world travel, teaching and business ownership.
• She continues to learn from her clients.
She speaks...
• Junior League of Honolulu
• Tea N Talk
• Direct Selling Women's Association (DSWA)
• Hawaii Women Expo
• American Business Women's Association (ABWA)
• Lutheran Women's Mission League (LWML)
• Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA)
• Kapiolani Women's Center
• Holiday Day Spa (Portlock)
• Joint Base Spouse's Conference (Hickam, Pearl Harbor)
• Our Savior's Lutheran Church
Cutting edge...
Continually on the cutting edge, Jan is a founding member of Coachville,
Wellcoaches and International Association of Coaches.
Kick-ass life changing programs...
• LifeWeight™
• Health Portfolio Makeover™
• Sail To Success™
Strong educational background...
She received her teaching credentials from Mankato State College;
furthered her knowledge of physiology and human behavior at
Florida Atlantic University and developed her coaching skills
through various coach training organizations.
• Certified PRINT™ Coach
• Certified Wellness Coach
• ACSM Certified (American College of Sports Medicine)
• Certified Teleclass Leader
• BS Health & Physical Education
• Business Owner in Hawaii over 20 yrs
She is involved...
• Wellcoaches (founding member)
• Coachville Graduate School of Coaching (founding member)
• 24/ 7 Coaching Organization (original 100)
• International Association of Coaches (founding member)