"E Komo Mai"

means "Welcome" or "Come In" in Hawaiian


Welcome To Coaching Spa

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Feeling a little STRESSED today!


Check out the Serenity Room. Pick the environment of your choice, sit back and gaze at the photo to help your mind wander into a more relaxing and spiritually nourishing place. Stay there for 30 seconds, 10 minutes or an hour to help you de-stress. Come back often and if you like your experience, please tell a friend.


The Serenity Room is currently under construction so expect it to change periodically. Some of the photos may be replaced and videos will eventually appear. If you have any suggestions or special requests, please let me know through the contact page.


I enjoy photography almost as much as coaching. I also enjoy sharing my photos if they will brighten someone's day. All the photos in the Serenity Room have been taken by me. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and that they add something special to your life. I welcome your comments.

Women, Wine and Wellness



Life Upgrade Program from the Coaching Spa™



It's Your Life, Have It Your Way!


You Work ... You Play ... You Dream ...

But are you Living Your Dream?



What would happen if you kicked your life up a notch?


Imagine your life actually matching your dreams ...




Imagine enough energy to do everything




you want to do ...



Imagine achieving it in a supportive group



that holds you accountable ......



While making it fun ...




If you can imagine it,


Why not take the next step and do it?


This is your opportunity.

6 women encouraging each other ...

6 weeks of setting and reaching goals ...

All in a friendly environment of fun and comradeship.


Led by Jan Barosh,

Life Coach & Certified Wellness Coach.


Are You Ready?


Are you interested in coaching
but not sure where to begin?


The "wheel of life" is a common coaching tool that helps many people get started.

Over the years of helping clients turn ordinary lives into extraordinary lives, I've developed variations of this tool. 

You are welcome to select one or both of these life wheels to try it out. Just click on the wheel to download it and print it out. Then follow these instructions.


Wheel of Life Instructions

Imagine there is a scale of zero to ten on each wedge with zero being the center of your wheel and ten being the outer edge. Zero represents no satisfaction (it couldn't possibly get any worse) with this aspect of your life while ten represents a high level of satisfaction (It can't get any better). Draw a line across each wedge to represent your level of satisfaction with each area.


Look at your completed wheel. What kind of wheel do you have?


Do not feel badly if your wheel is out of balance. Most people have wheels out of balance, at least initially. The purpose is to see which area(s) are most out of balance to help determine where you may wish to begin. 

"Two months ago, my life was truly overwhelming and unbalanced and if it was a wheel, it wouldn't have rolled. You have given me the tools to help me become more balanced and now my wheel is starting to move. I feel that I have a new beginning and our small group is terrific. Thank you! ~ Danica S, FL

I Completed My Wheel - Now What?

Good question! If you are pretty clear that coaching can help you achieve your goals or the life you want, then check out some of my coaching programs and consider enrolling in the one best for you. Or contact me to schedule some private or group coaching sessions.


If you still aren't sure, would you like to "try out" coaching with a complimentary 20 minute session? Just contact me to schedule a session between now and December 12th. Tell me 3 days/times that are convenient for you. 


I look forward to meeting you at the Coaching Spa

Aloha, Coach Jan